Focusing Training


What a fabulous course this is! It has been such a wonderful journey for me, which has led to a much deeper understanding of myself. As a trainee psychotherapist it has improved my work with my clients, enabling me to be more present with my clients and work at a greater relational depth.


Paula is a fantastic teacher, her teaching style is very engaging, gentle, easy and flows. She is wonderfully warm, friendly and candid, and has such a calming presence. If you wish to enhance your therapeutic practice then you must do this course! Paula has trained under and with the best in this field, so what she doesnt know isn't worth knowing.


I have so much gratitude for Paula and for the whole team who made this course very accessible, and such an amazing and rewarding experience. My therapeutic toolbox is far bigger and better as a result! With much gratitude and warmest wishes to the whole team. Helen.

The workshop just flows and great support and camaraderie develops with your colleagues. Paula has worked so hard on presenting and it shows. Online Events are so supportive and manage everything really well and are warm and inviting. 

Just a big thank you to Paula and everyone involved in these workshops. All 5 levels have been brilliant. 

With thanks to course participants for allowing me to include their reviews