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Focusing is a gentle way of paying ourselves attention and deepening self-awareness. It trusts that our body knows and can tell us what we need for physical and emotional health. Focusing creates space for self-exploration and becoming a more empathic and accepting listener. Therapists can consider bringing Focusing to their practice.

Focusing training is for counsellors, therapists and people who are interested in personal development.

British Focusing Association Certificate in Focusing Skills

Taught by Paula Newman with Onlinevents. You will be part of a group learning online

Taught by Paula Newman and Elizabeth Smith in Harrow N.W. London. You will join a small group. Learning is face to face.

For dates and further information please visit my website


Level One, Introduction to Focusing

Introducing you to Focusing and enabling you to develop both as a Focuser and as a Companion.There will be group discussions, exercises and practice in pairs.

Level Two

Exercises support working at a deeper level. Topics include Gendlin’s six Focusing steps and Self-in-presence developed by Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara Mc Gavin. We will look at examples of Focusing with pain and ailments.

Level Three

Exploring the stages of a Focusing session in more detail including suggestions that can help the Focuser to listen inwards with acceptance, empathy and compassion. We also look at Focusing language and its benefits at each stage.

Level Four

Focusing with the inner Critic. This is an inner ‘voice’, perhaps it criticizes your actions, or tells you that you are not capable enough to try something new. On the second day we look at symbols and images including Focusing with dreams. You will be invited to work with your own dream in a group exercise.

Level Five

Topics include Focusing with action blocks and Focusing with trauma. There will be time to review your own process and  for therapists to consider incorporating Focusing within their practice. This is our final workshop  and we will take time for an ending.

 Paula Newman and Elizabeth Smith are both BACP Senior Accredited Counsellors and experienced supervisors. We have both been Focusing for several years and are recognised teachers with the BFA, British Focusing association.

We hope that you will enjoy the group experience, there will be opportunities to discuss and explore together, and for you to practice Focusing and Companioning in pairs. We will provide refreshments during breaks and written material for your learning. 

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Brilliant - I much enjoyed both days and learned a lot about myself and others. I appreciated the provision of text books for us to browse and of course the danish pastries - in fact nothing seemed too much trouble.

~Ros Lawson~

It opened my eyes to a new way of becoming more self-aware. I appreciated the gentle pace which was deep and very engaging.

~Zion Ekundare~ 

I feel that I gained a lot of Focusing experience.... useful for my self-development. Gives me a lot of insights to my self / being.

Tarja Davidson