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I am a Focusing teacher, registered with the British Focusing Association.


I offer guided Focusing sessions and I teach the British Focusing Association Certificate, online and with a colleague. We also offer themed Focusing days.

Focusing sessions can be face to face, by telephone or online. Focusing can also be included within counselling and supervision sessions.


Focusing was first developed in the 1960s by Gene Gendlin, a professor of psychology. Through his research Gendlin found that therapy is most beneficial when the client is able to notice vague indistinct sensations in their body, to pay attention to these sensations and eventually describe them. So that something very vague eventually becomes clear. He calls these vague sensations in the body the ‘felt sense’.

My blog ‘The felt sense, a true story’ is an example. The street was deserted, all I could hear were the birds singing, yet my body was alert, sensing danger. 


Focusing is the name that Gendlin gives to the process of paying attention to the felt sense and describing it. As we describe something it becomes more real and substantial. We might discover something new which had not been clear or available to us before. There can be fresh insights.


By deepening contact with the felt sense we can learn more about ourselves and our emotions. Focusing can help with particular issues for example bereavement, depression, anxiety and trauma, as well as less specific areas such as feeling stuck, a sense of emptiness, restlessness, a vague feeling that all is not well and a longing for something.


Self-in Presence

Self-in-presence is a term coined by Ann Weiser Cornell and Barbara McGavin. It refers to a special way of being with our feelings and emotions. Feelings that might be difficult such as anger, guilt and embarrassment are acknowledged and treated with compassion and empathy. We can learn to welcome, accept and attend to our feelings without becoming overwhelmed by them.


Certificate in Focusing Skills 

The British Focusing Association Certificate in Focusing Skills is suitable for people who are interested in personal development and for people who work in professions where it is important to be self-aware. The certificate provides opportunities for therapists to explore bringing Focusing to their practice.