Client Data Protection Policy 

Paula Newman Counselling Service

Registration reference: ZA354138 

Information I hold to provide an effective counselling service and comply with HMRC requirements.

You have the right to ask to see the information I hold about you.

 You can ask me to change any information that I hold about you that is incorrect.

You have the right to ask me to delete information that I hold about you, I will do so unless I have a legal obligation to keep it.

What data do I keep and why do I need it?

Name and age – this is basic information that helps me get to know you

Address, email address, phone numbers – I use this as a way of contacting you regarding your sessions.

Doctor’s details – If I was worried that you were at risk then I may need to contact your doctor, if possible I will tell you I am going to do this.

Session notes – I keep notes of your sessions, these are often brief and can be a helpful reminder.

 Will I share your data and if I do who will I share it with and for what purpose?

It is very unlikely that I will share your data. I will not sell it on or use it for unethical reasons. I may have to share it if my notes are subpoenaed by court. If you or anyone you tell me about is at harm or risk of harm I may have to pass this information on. I also have regular Supervision where I talk about my work but I only use your first name.

How will I store your data?

If you are having sessions with me

I keep hand written or typed session notes in a locked safe.

I keep personal data such as our agreement form in a different locked safe.

If you are no longer having sessions with me

I keep session notes and personal data separately in a locked cabinet.

How long will I store your data for and how will I dispose of it?

Normally I keep hand written and typed session notes for three years after your last session, they will then be shredded.

Normally I keep personal data such as our agreement form for three years after your last session, it will then be shredded.


I keep a current diary with first names and appointment information.

I keep past diaries with personal and client information in a locked cabinet.

Mobile phone

The main use is to manage appointments. Conversations will be deleted three months after the end of our contract.

I keep a list of first names and phone numbers for contact purposes. These will be deleted three months after the end of our contract.


Email conversations to manage appointments will be deleted three months after the end of our contract.

Information that I might otherwise acquire

You may give me personal information such as your name, address and phone numbers when filling in contact forms on my sites, when communicating with me by phone, e-mail, Skype and social media, and when paying me by cheque. I may receive information about you from other sources such as Google Analytics and comments on my blogs.

Please be aware that the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. Although my computer and phone are both security protected and I will do my best to protect your personal data I cannot guarantee the security of data that is transmitted to my site. Any transmission is at your own risk.


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This signed document

This signed document will be kept with your data and will be shredded three years after the end of our contract.

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